Where did the idea for APG come from, and why would a future airline pilot need a mentor?

airline pilot Paula Williams: That’s fantastic. So let’s talk about APG and I know this was your idea initially. And how that came to become a thing. [LAUGH]

Fred Mattfeld: Captain Dave said though, him and I were talking one day. He actually took my idea and ran with it. But, we looked at the things that were missing in trying to get to this career.

Unless of course you went in the military then, they pay you and feed you to learn how to fly and that’s all you ever have to do. But,

Fred Mattfeld: So we were talking, and we would talk with we’re talking about all the hurdles and the setbacks, I’ve trying to get to the point where you can become an airline pilot.

Such as in my case, finding the right flight school, finding the right flight instructor. Not going, using a flight school where their goal is not to get you a pilot as fast as they can in a most effective way but how much more time they can add on so they can make more money.

You kind of lose that interest so you have questions so you don’t have any one unless you’re fortunate enough to know someone in the airline industry, which most people don’t. Who do you go to, who do you ask questions of who gives you that, you have that spark and then you just want them to truly ignite it.

And so it’s kind of what started APG for us, and what we want to do is put it all together. We’ll find the flight schools, we’ll monitor and make sure we’re not taking money from you. We’ll be here, your pilot mentor. We’re going to be here for you from day one to the graduation day.

And hopefully for the rest of your life, we’ll be someone that you could talk to. And we’re going to help you get through this training program. We set up the course, so you don’t have to do anything but just show up day one. And we will make sure that you could go from zero to hero.

You come here with no flight time and we’re going to make you an airline pilot, getting you [INAUDIBLE] airbus. 8320 or Boeing 737, we have it all mapped out for you, we’re there to help you. We’re going to give you extra training and if there’s anything that’s missing in the airline industry.

So flight schools well, that’s where people are building their flight time, so we don’t have airline experience for the most part. They have basically the same goals that you do, but they’re more interested in themselves. Cuz all they want to do is get that 1,500 hours so they can move on and we’re here, we know what you need and what you don’t need.

And we want to guide you and help you to achieve your dream of becoming an airline pilot.


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Paula Williams: So this is kind of the program that you wish you’d had when you were getting started, right?

Fred Mattfeld: I would’ve given anything to have this. And like I said, I filmed that pilot mentor towards the end of my training.

But he really something that I was just on the verge of giving up on, he pushed me forward. If we’d had a program like this, I could have saved at least 50% of what I invested in trying to get to this point where I could be in their life [INAUDIBLE] .

Which and I spent far more in 1990 than what we asked for our entire force, including the type ratings. So yes, it not only helps you but it’s going to save you money.

Paula Williams: Right. Well, that makes perfect sense. All right, so if you were talking with somebody who’s getting started for the first time in aviation or interested in getting started in aviation, what would you advise them to do?

Fred Mattfeld: Well, the first thing they should do is look online and get an idea of what’s out there. And then and if you can do that before you call us. And you’ll find the more you research, the more questions you have. And then once you call us. What we’ll do is we’ll really answer the questions that you’re looking for.

And we’ll show you the flaws and the obstacles that you can expect. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to help guide you into the right program. That’s going to best fit your desires and your needs, not someone else’s desires or their needs. One school is just interested in one path, one school is interested in another.

And here at APG, we’re interested in what you want, where you want to go, what you want to be. And we want to help you get there, so that’s the big difference.

Paula Williams: Great, so yeah, you advise that they talk to folks and look online and get some ideas and things like that.

I know you guys, you and Dave and our other mentors, answer an awful lot of questions from people. Are there any that maybe stick out in your mind or that keep coming up?

Paula Williams: Are they all different? I know everybody has a different situation. That’s kind of the fabulous thing about having a mentor is that they can get to know you and your own situation and your own circumstances and concerns.

Fred Mattfeld: Everyone in different parts of the world seem to have totally different questions. So there’s no real set answer. Financing of course is always a question that comes up. But some people want to know what they can do to start flying in different countries or what they can do to go back to their own country and fly.

Which license is best, FAA versus EASA versus Indiana versus Canada. And so those are all questions that come up quite regularly. And they’re looking for affordable ways to get that to point. And so we’ve tried to give them more of a set course and we just laid out the entire course in beginning to end.

Instead of where you go from one school to another school to achieve the different things in between. And it cuts out the middle man. You don’t have to deal with anyone but us and we do the rest free. And we’re there to guide you and help you you the entire way.