Youngest Airline Captain illustrates the airline pilot career

Kate McWilliams, 26, is noted by Traveller Magazine as the “world’s youngest commercial airline Captain.” Photo, EasyJet

Think you’re too young to be an airline captain?

Kate McWilliams, 26, is the world’s youngest airline captain.  She has spent half her life flying – she began in a group called the Air Cadets at age 13.

McWilliams notes that she is asked how old she is, “almost every day.”

“Personally I don’t think my age matters,” McWilliams, who flies for UK airline EasyJet, told The Independent.

McWilliams and her co-pilot, 19-year-old Luke Ellsworth, made history again as the world’s youngest flight crew in a recent flight from London to Malta.

Her success highlights recent trailblazing in the airline pilot career by women, by young people, by other people of non-typical demographics in the profession.

The world will require many more safe, qualified, responsible pilots in the future, and flight schools and airlines are reaching out to different demographics to fill their schedules. The airline pilot career opportunity is a good one!

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