Train for a world-class career as an airline pilot at a very reasonable cost – Go from first lesson  to fully qualified Commercial Pilot (CPL) with an A320 Type Rating or B737 type rating –  most popular airliners used by the regional airlines!


PPL to CPL with ME & IR  $44,995.00

Designated Examiners Fees  $ 2,400.00

MCC Jet Transition (optional)  $ 4,500.00

Type Rating : A320 Sim Training or B737 Sim Training to Qualify for an A320 Type Rating or B737 Type Rating (optional)  $13,500.00

Total Tuition  $65,895.00

10 – 11 Months to Complete
This is a Package course based on estimated completion hours. It is not subdivided. A credit of
$10,000 is applied for tuition to those who have completed their Private Pilot License previously.

Foreign Students: I-­20 Preparation for M-­1 VISA $800.00 ($300 fee + Deposit)

Student Housing: Available upon request at all training centers. Average rate is $600.00 per month for shared rooms and $950.00 per month for private rooms. Kitchenettes available – so you can keep cost of meals low as well. Within walking distance of training centers.

Assigned Airline Pilot as Mentor: Each student is assigned an airline mentor to monitor their progress every step of the way to provide career support and assure maximum training success. Mentor can also be a powerful resource for sponsoring family members to keep up to date with their trainees’ progress.

Training Location: Florida, USA – Great flying weather year-round!

CFI:  Need to work while you’re training?  We can arrange additional training and certification so that you can get your Certified Flight Instructor rating (CFI) for time-building and income while you’re training, if you’re eligible to work in the U.S. (Optional – additional cost of training and certification will be about $5000)

If you have additional questions please contact admissions at or call +1 385 881 3358. Our phones are answered twenty-­four hours per day, seven days per week. If your call goes to voicemail it means, we are on the line with another student. Leave a message with your phone number to include Country code and we will call you back as soon as possible.