Airline Pilot Gateway, LLC Offers Solutions for the Global Pilot Shortage

Airline Pilot Gateway - Press ReleaseIn light of the much-reported pilot shortage, and much-reported safety concerns, airlines, flight schools and future pilots struggle with some unnecessary but entrenched limitations. The Airline Pilot Gateway (APG) was established to resolve these issues.

The Airline Pilot Gateway was founded to connect the dots in a very disconnected industry.

As airlines struggle to find sufficient qualified pilots to fill their rosters, they are also faced with ensuring that all of their current and future pilots meet more stringent training requirements, background checks and other qualifications.

As an example, an airline in a specific country may have specific requirements to hire only citizens, or candidates who meet other specific criteria. They are not able to find enough qualified candidates to keep their airline flying. APG can help them screen candidates with strong aptitude, and provide training for these candidates, who may have no flight training at all.

APG’s network of flight schools can provide specialized training programs that provide very high quality training with an emphasis on safety and skills in the shortest reasonable time, by managing some of the bureaucracy and limitations that occur when airlines work directly with flight schools.

It often takes several organizations to provide complete flight training, including a FAA Part 91 or 141 flight school to provide initial training and another organization to provide type ratings and other specialized training required for the specific airline and aircraft involved. Flight schools also often have limitations in the number of students they can train at any given time. There may also be some inefficiency as students deal with travel, housing, student visas and other incidental logistics.

With a network and economies of scale, APG can manage the relationships with flight schools to reduce the workload on airlines in coordinating training for their candidates.

They can also provide financial services such as escrow service and training credit redemption.

Flight schools are able to redirect resources to focus on delivering the highest quality training.

Many flight students do not have relatives or acquaintances in the airline industry, and benefit from mentorships and other APG programs and benefits in their career journey from cadet to first officer to captain and beyond.

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