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What is the Airline Pilot Gateway?

The Airline Pilot Gateway is an organization that helps airlines, students and flight schools find the best fit for the best pilot training program.

So, we connect the dots. We help individuals who are coming in to the airline pilot career.  Some people have no mentors, have no guidance, to find the right training organization to fit their individual training needs.

We help airlines and pilot recruiters identify the right training resources – we use both part 141 and part 142  flight schools, that train to FAA  or ICAO standards.

This helps airline HR personnel to place employees that they have hired for some other reason that flight training and qualifications. They can hire people that have zero flight time that they have hired because they are citizens of the right country, because they are a good cultural fit with their team, and other specifications.

We work with the flight schools as professional airline pilots to make sure that they deliver the quality of flight training, the standardization, and the scheduling to get these airline cadets trained in the most effective way possible.

So, by creating a network we’ve helped the airlines find the best pilot training program. Solve the equation of do you place one person, do you place 30, do you place 500, and how do you manage that without overloading any particular schools brick and mortar capability. We help the individual to determine if this is the right career fit for them, get them place in a school that focuses on the career.

Not on becoming a pilot but on becoming an airline pilot, an airline professional. And we help the flight schools to meter them the right amount of Cadets, pilots into their school so that they can manage their growth, they don’t have to say no to taking additional students, and overload themselves.

They can focus on their core competency of delivering great pilot training. We as APG, we then take care of the marketing, the sales, the quality assurance, and the oversight of that training pipeline so that a person coming in at any stage of their pilot career is going to receive very high quality assurance and they are going to at the end have a very bright career and have somebody helping them every step of the way, like a mentor.

To make sure that they’re on track, they’re getting the most of their training experience, and their focus, their career goal is number one.