Congratulations to Quantas Airlines, the reigning “world’s safest airline.” The title is no accident! How can your airline  occupy this position next year?

As an airline administrator, you probably noted this news item: released its list of the world’s safest airlines. Australia’s Qantas airline was named the safest for the third straight year, according to the report. Qantas has gone fatality free since the beginning of jet travel.

How do you get on the list?
One of the most key items is your flight crew.  Quantas cites the training of their flight crew as one of their secrets of success:
The expertise of our pilots and flight attendants has contributed greatly to our international reputation for safety. Qantas Flight Training plays a vital part in this outstanding reputation by providing aircrew with skills that go beyond standard aviation requirements. Each year we instruct, develop and examine the proficiency of over 12,000 Qantas and customer aircrew.
Ask yourself:
  • What are you doing to attract, retain, and train the world’s safest pilots?
  • Do you have enough trained and qualified pilots on the roster to ensure a wide rest margin, sufficient vacations, convenient scheduling and high morale?
  • Do your pilots come from programs that emphasize safety programs early in training, such as:
    • Crew Resource Management
    • Jet transition
    • Safety culture
    • Aviation English/clear communication

Working with Airline Pilot Gateway is one way to ensure the answer to each of these items is “Yes!”

We’re pushing for higher safety statistics for all airlines in 2016.  Call us at 1-385-881-3358 and let’s talk!