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The world will need 558,000 new commercial airline pilots over the next two decades. Global airlines continue to build their fleets and grow at record rates!


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You have questions about the cost of airline training
APG was started by Commercial Airline Pilots who want to help others fly!

Airline Pilot Gateway is a three-way matchmaking service, of sorts.

For Pilots – We help aspiring and mid-career airline pilots to find the best mentored airline flight training and career options to meet their goals and to ensure those airliners fly across the globe.  Whether you’re just graduating from school and looking at the airlines as an option for your first career, or just need a great jet transition course, an A320 type rating or B737 type rating to take the next step.

For Flight Schools – We help them find the students best suited to their specific program, who will benefit the most from it and help their students become pilots fly for airlines.

For Airlines – We help them find the best commercial airline pilot candidates, or provide training and other services to keep their teams of pilots obtain the best possible training to meet their requirements.

Airlines, especially regional airlines, are looking for ways to fill their flight crew rosters.  Many of their current pilots are getting as much flight time as they want or need, and are looking for more flexible scheduling. Pay is also escalating for airline pilots as the industry struggles to attract more qualified pilots.

This makes it a great time for aspiring pilots to consider a commercial airline career.

Flight schools are finding it easier to find students, but we can help them find the RIGHT ones that fit their program. This helps everyone!

We enjoy helping make the matches that help airlines, schools and students meet their goals!